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Ointment / Cream manufacturing plant

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Ointment / Cream manufacturing plant

Operation of Ointment / Cream manufacturing plant

Ointment Manufacturing Plant is considered to handle processes right from transferring of raw material to the delivery of finished products. Coming with digital metering pump fitted in hopper of filling machine, this plant is used for production of lotion and is so planned that it saves on precious batch processing time. The plant offers efficient heating & cooling with support of accurate temperature control even in cases where processing is done for small character.

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Features of Ointment / Cream manufacturing plant

  • Ointment / Cream manufacturing plant has Separate container for wax melting & water heating.
  • Hydraulic Power Pack with cylinder to lift complete dissenter assembly with top lid for product recovery / Easy to cleaning / Changeover of batch & for maintenance.
  • Semi Contra design agitator with blades having holes to cut the mass in Ointment / Cream manufacturing plant.
  • Ointment / Cream manufacturing plant VFD for Anchor agitators to vary the RPM as per product / Recipe.
  • Jacket have heating & cooling with warmth controller in Ointment / Cream manufacturing plant.
  • Load Cell for accurate weighing of final products in Ointment / Cream manufacturing plant.
  • Ointment / Cream manufacturing plant VFD for Anchor agitators to vary the RPM as per product / Recipe.
  • No Air contagion / Human contagion.
  • Ointment / Cream manufacturing plant removes Air enter clangor from the product.
  • Ointment / Cream manufacturing plant Imported machine box with artificial oil (Zero noise level)
  • Cleaning legalization by SWEB testing match international standard less than 10 PPM OR by CIP system with online conductivity in Ointment / Cream manufacturing plant.
  • Watering vacuum pumps to create vacuum in Mfg. container and transfer other ingredients Molten wax / Hot water in Mfg. container.
  • Vacuum system save timing to transfer product from one vessel to another vessel and zero retention in pre phase vessel & inter connecting pipeline.
  • Ointment / Cream manufacturing plant process piping are highly Electro polished and joints are DIN / TC standard for easy opening & re-fixing.
  • force container comes with protester support
  • Control panel provided for visual display of plant operations.
  • Digital display support for manufactured goods temperature and current values on control panel
  • Provides functioning that is unharmed by hand.
  • Homogenizer performance as transfer pump for proficient discharge of the concluding product.
  • Provides for perfect particle as well as droplet size control
  • Sanitary finish construction to ensure contagion free working environment.
  • Advanced PLC support that allows automated process control.
  • Inconsistent speed control support of mixing arm achieved through AC frequency controller.
  • Can be provided with different levels of automation.
  • Offers accurate temperature control even in small qualities.
  • Offers perfect element and droplet size control with batch to batch repeatedly support
  • System also featuring vacuum system, homogenizer with distribution, heating & cooling unit, lid lifting machine and user friendly control.

Applications of Ointment / Cream manufacturing plant

Cream Manufacturing Plant


Body Care and Cleaning Lotions / Creams / Gels

Skin Protection Products

Sun Creams and Lotions / Sun Gels
After Sun Products.
Hand Washing Paste
Liquid Soap

Hair Care Products

Intensive Hair Treatments
Hair Dyes and Colorings

Other Cosmetics

Tooth Paste
Deodorant stick paste
Shaving Creams
Bath Additives
Foot care Products & Many more…….
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