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Clean – in – Place (CIP System)

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Clean – in – Place (CIP System)


CLEAN-IN-PLACE is frequently regarded as a resent activity that interrupt the continuity of the production process. However it remains the foundation of high intensity large volume beverage packaging and without diligent application of the fundamental principles of CIP, product quality will suffer through flavor and color inconsistency. More importantly without CIP microbial contamination with large scale spoilage of packaged products can occur.


Through the use of Radical Waters ECA solutions in CIP applications in infusion plants, the results have shown:

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  • Improved safety in the hands of workers, as well as being safe to the environment
  • An increase in production time and overall operating effectiveness due to shorter CIP’s and down-time and with a potential time saving of up to 70%
  • Water usage may be reduced by up to 60% by Clean in place
  • A substitution of conventional chemicals with the natural ECA solutions may result in savings in chemical costs of up to 90%.
  • Substantial energy savings, All ECA CIP’s are performed at ambient temperature.
  • Reduced CIP volumes result in a substantial reduction in the production of toxic effluent.
  • ECA will not affect the taste, colour and appearance of the treated products
  • Offers a proven solution engineered for an existing or new cleaning in place (CIP) system


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