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Why Online Weighing macine is necessary ?

Pharmaceutical/ Food Packaging and processing companies generally refer to the Online weigher inspection as a “policeman” on the packaging line. It is the weight control center on a production line, and protects against improper under or overweight packages ever reaching the customer. prepackaged goods defines the specific net contents laws on packages for processors, wholesalers, and retailers. In addition, the where, what, and how’s of testing and sampling procedures are dealt with in detail. It specifies the minimum number of packages to be inspected and defines lot sizes, as well as the number of packages to be opened to determine the tare weight value. It specifies the number of underweight packages allowed, as well as the weight of packages allowed to be underweight not exceeding the Maximum Allowable Variation (MAV).

For prepackaged items commonly weighed by Online Weigher , the MAV varies according to package weight defines the MAV in weight gradations for prepackaged goods. State Weights and Measures offices regulate and enforce the net content laws defined. Official action resulting from package checking can take the form of oral recommendations, instructions, warnings, or legal action. An oral discussion between the inspector and the person in charge of the establishment may indicate general compliance with laws and regulations. The discussion may also point out inconsistencies in weighing patterns, precision, or variations worse than the inspector has encountered in other similar packages.

Grups International

Features of Online Weighing Machine:

  • Online Weight Check To find missing item and control pack weight
  • For online weighing system we have models to suit line condition and speed
  • HACCP and GMP compatible models for online . (IP67 washable weighcell conveyor)
  • Validation functions in online weight inspection system to assure complete reliability
  • Online weighing conveyor machine High speed : from 60 to 600 products per minute depending on type of product
  • Weight range : 0.5g to 60 Kg
  • In our Product High speed online weight checker gives Different types of rejecter to match the application and speed
  • ONLINE WEIGHING MACHINE has FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant model
  • Online Weighing system has Interface facility to Host through RS 232 / RS 422 / ETHERNET / USB
  • Moving Conveyor Weight Checking system give High Accuracy in Weight
  • Online check Weigher is Suitable for on line check weighing of Pouches, Bags, Cartons, Bottles etc.
  • ONLINE WEIGHING MACHINE has Modular design to avoid dust accumulation. Easy to clean
  • Online Weight detection and rejection system is Highly versatile, rugged, accurate Load cell transducer
  • Online weight determination system is also available with High Resolution 5.7” color TFT touch screen
  • Online weight inspection and detection system has Ready to use Recipes for different products
  • Online Weighting Scale machine is Operational Stainless steel construction
  • Online weight Optional feedback sensor for the confirmation of product rejection
  • Weighing Inspection Machine is Cost effective solution with enhanced safety features
  • Online Check Weighing Equipment is also Computation of Mean, Average, Standard deviation values as per your requirement
  • Design of Online weight Inspection equipment It is easy to dismantle the conveyor for cleaning and mantling
  • Pharmaceutical or Food weight Inspection machine has English menu display
  • Online weight detection machine can adjust the conveying speed to meet the working environment.
  • CheckWeigher Machine with 3 gripper belt assembly

Application of Online Weighing Machine:

Grups International offers ONLINE WEIGHING MACHINE offered comes with latest technology support and find application to control pack weight. We can propose these in different model choices as per the specific line condition and speed appropriateness.

Our wide assortment of check weigher includes GSQC Check Weigher, GAC-7 Check Weigher and many more. These are designed and manufactured for meeting different industrial application requirements as they provide easy setting for various weights and products. These are checked at several parameters to ascertain their accuracy in measurement and durability.

Further, these HACCP and GMP compatible models also come with support of validation functions so as to assure complete process reliability. Some of its features include high speed operations of handling up to 600 products per minute, capability to handle weights from 0.5g to 60 Kg, FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant model, application suitability in areas like online check weighing of cartons, pouches, packet, bottles and others in food, pharma and other industry sectors.

ONLINE WEIGHING MACHINE solutions offered find application in detecting weight of product as well as seeing if it matches with target weight with the auto-selecting device picking out unqualified products. These check weigher systems find suitability in areas including pharmaceutical industry for checking missing strips, tablets, leaflet’s, proper filling of injectable & vials and capsules. Other than this, it is also used in Food/Confectionary industry sector (for checking Concentrate, Cheese, Tea, Coffee, Bakery Products); Components manufacturing (for checking missing CD’s as well as Electronics Parts); in Cosmetics industry (for checking semi-filled/unfilled Talc Bottle, Tooth Paste in Tube) and others. The system’s superior frame structure allows maintaining accuracy with advanced digital signal processing providing for high speed and stable weighing operations.

We also provide machine for auto sorting of Product as per material. That is auto online weighing system sort Underweight , OK or Overweight . We also can design the system to sort the product under predefine range of Weight

Verification of the weight of a filled package using a checkweigher is an important legal metrology process but in addition the checkweigher may be an integral part of a labelling or product filling system

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