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Operation of Capsule Filling Machine

           Capsule Filling Machine appropriate to fill powder/pellets into hard gelatin capsules. The machine works on temping principle. The powder is formed into a slug and is delivered to the body of the capsule. The machine is designed to give output of 70,000 capsules per hour with high filling accuracy and can fill capsule sizes 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. The actual production depends on the quality of capsules, characteristics of filling powder/pellets and dampness condition. The machine is made as per GMP standards. All contact parts are made from Stainless Steel 316 and other non contact parts are made from Stainless Steel 304 material.


The basic machine supplied to fill powder with one set of change parts as per users requirements. Pellets filling arrangement can supply as per customer’s definite requirements. Automatic Capsule Filling Machine can work as complete system of Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Line by attaching additional equipments as Online Capsule Polishing Machine, Dust Extractor, Damage Capsule Sorter and Empty capsule Ejector.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine and Automatic Capsule Loading Machine. The Capsule Filling Machine, Manual Capsule Filling Machine is one of the oldest as well as the most accepted and broadly used form of capsule filling. The machine is designed and manufactured with supreme care to handle all sizes ranging from 00 to 5 and to give you trouble free services year after year.


Though all the operations are manual, the machine calls for precision machined components and assembled with highly skilled personnel.


The manual capsule filling machine is widely used in investigate laboratories, intellectual institution and medium to small scale manufacturing industries.

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  • The machine is considered for filling a wide multiplicity of formulation into hard gelatin capsules & ideally suited for medium / large scale pharmaceuticals, Ayurvedic companies and R & D laboratories.
  • Capsule Filling Machines are used for Filling the powder in Capsule.


Specifications of capsule filling machines

Output 5000 to 6000 capsules per hour. (Can be more with the help of Automatic Loading Machine)
Shipping Weight 70 KG
Machine Dimensions 395 X 240 X 500 MM
Machine Weight 45 KG
Shipping Dimensions 533 X 400 X 609 MM
Capsule Combinations Size 00/0, Size 0/1/2, Size 3/4 and Size 5.


Output 27000 Capsules per hour.
Motor 0.25 HP (0.19KW) – 1440 RPM
Loading Speed One 300 Holes Tray in 28 Seconds
Dimensions L-640MM X W-450MM X H 965MM
Net Weight 105 KGS Approx
Gross Weight 175 KGS Approx
Electrical Supply 110V Single Phase / 220V 3 Phase / 60 HZ
220V Single Phase / 415V 3 Phase / 50 HZ


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